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But Hermes does not want Louis Vuitton's stake in the group, and that Louis Vuitton is not in accordance with the relevant provisions in the increased shareholding more than notice issued at the voting restrictions, asked France financial market regulators to investigate the operations of its holdings. Hermes family heirs a total holding of shares in the Group 73.4%, but a single heir shareholding did not exceed 5%. Last December, the hermes kelly bag family heirs announced the establishment of a holding company, will concentrate their hands about 50.2% shares and freeze 20, while on the other 12.3% the equity right of first purchase. This seeks to counter the Louis Vuitton may make further acquisitions.

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Louis Vuitton is the world's largest luxury goods group, owns more than more than 50 internationally renowned luxury brand. Hermes is a company known for its leather goods and scarves of luxury goods makers. Hermes 20% stock traded publicly since 1993, with the remaining shares held by a few family hes and executives. Recently, and Harper's Bazaar hermes kelly bag announced its e-commerce website ShopBazaar.com launch 6 online sale shoes, this is Hermes on its official Web site for the first time involved in e-commerce. From 2011, Hermes "fad" by 2012 "fake gate" incident, Hermes brand exposure intensifies, slump in texture.